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Our 2,000-hp, 2,400-hp single motors deliver power boost for deep Diaries

ICON Drilling Services International2000HP Oilwell E2000 Drilling Rig Used with CAT Certification - Used Rigs

The Greatest Guide To Provision of 2000 HP Drilling Unit, Equipment and Materials

Drilling Depth - 20, 000 Plus Top Drive - NOV 500 lot air conditioner top drive Model TDS11, 800 HP Mast and Substructure - LCM style mast 152 1, 300, 000 PSI hook/load 25 floor box on box API cert.

Mast & Sub: Lee C. Moore, 142' High Cantilever Type Mast, S/N: T3839 with Cantilever, Foundation, S/N: 54H048, 36' W X 25' H X 75' L, 1,000,000 LBS Gross Nominal Capacity with 12 lines. Problem capability 500,000 pounds. and 800,000 pounds. total with Racking Board Platform. Drillers and Off-Drillers Side Top Canine, Drillers' lockers, storage boxes and understanding box, catwalks with (12) Pipeline Racks Drawworks: National 1320 UE, 2,000 HP, 1-3/8" Lebus Grooved Drum Draw Functions with (2) GE-752, 1,000 HP DC Traction Motors, complete with National Make-up and Break-out Catheads, Over-running clutch, air drillers console and Baylor Elmagco Model 7838 Electric Brake, S/N: 7299.

Taking A Trip Block: National, Model 660-G500 (Integrated), 500 Lot Capacity with (6) 60" Sheaves, 1-3/8" Line. Swivel: National Model P500, 500 Load Swivel Triplex Mud Pumps: (2) Gardner-Denver PZ-11, 1,600 HP Triplex Pumps, each with (2) GE-752, 1,000 HP DC Traction Motors, (1) Hydril Design K-20-5000 Pulsation Dampener and (1) 6 x 5, 70 HP centrifugal charge pump Generators Diesel/ AIR CONDITIONING:-LRB- 3) Caterpillar 3512C, 1,476 BHP (1101 BKW) @ 1200 RPM, 2006 EPA/CARB Non-Road Mobile Tier 2 Emission & IMO certified, each with KATO 6P6-3300 Generator, Ranked: 1365 EKW, 1950 KVA, 0.

Colombia 4 - 1200 HP Land Rig - PDF - Horsepower - Scribd Things To Know Before You Get This

Fuel Tank: (1) 330 bbl. 8' Dia. Fuel Tank with (2) 1-1/2", 3 HP Fuel Transfer Pumps; and (1) 300 BBL Fuel Tank Water Tanks: (1) 570 bbl Open Top Tank and (1) 150 bbl. with 11' Skid Extension with (2) 4 x 3 30 HP Centrifugal Pumps Shale Tank: 600 bbl.

x 2-1/4" I.D Slick Drill Collars - 500 Joints, 5" 19. 50 #, S-135 Drill Pipeline with Hard Band - Compressor House with grasshopper- Mud Home- Tool House- Change House- Parts Home- Junk Box- (2) Ingersoll-Rand Design K6U Air Raises- Inter-American Design Property Surveyor with 15,000' Wire Line- 5-1/4" Hex X 42' L Kelly- Kelly Drive Bushing- Kelly Spinner- Upper Kelly Valve - Lower Kelly Valve, 5,000 psi- National Model D Dead Line Anchor- Pipe Spinner- Steel Framed Rig Mats- Electrical Luggage- Rig Supervisor Quarter- 12 Individual Crew Quarter.

Find out more about our National 2000 HP Drilling Rig here. For more information on this National 2000 HP Drilling Rig, contact us by phone at 936-336-5154 or by email at . This is a working rig, and it specifications are listed here: Pickett, Oilfield. com/Drilling-Rig Like this: Like Filling ... Related Published in This Article Is More In-Depth & Gas Market Headquarted in Liberty, Texas (Houston Area), Pickett Oilfield, LLC is a worldwide purchaser and seller of new, used and reconditioned oil & gas drilling and workover equipment for both onshore and offshore use.

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